Are You Considering Selling Your Fire-Damaged Home? Here Are 3 Reasons To Have It Restored Instead

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If your home has recently been damaged in a fire, you may have considered selling it. After all, the restoration process may end up taking a significant amount of time before it's fully completed, and you may simply wish to move on without overseeing extensive repairs. However, is that the best choice?

Selling your fire-damaged home may be quicker, but it rarely makes financial sense compared to having it restored. If you're wondering what to do about your fire-damaged home, read on to learn three reasons why it's better to have it restored instead of putting it on the market.

1. Investors Typically Don't Pay Much Money for Homes

The first problem you'll encounter when trying to sell a fire-damaged home is that you're limited to selling to investors. Fire damage restoration can sometimes be a lengthy process, so purchasing a home that requires restoration is only an option for people who don't need to live in it right away — they're only suitable to purchase as an investment property.

Unfortunately, investors tend to purchase homes for low prices. They know that most of the homeowners they work with are desperate to sell, so investors will attempt to negotiate down the purchase price as much as they can. Home investors offer you the ability to sell your fire-damaged home quickly, but you'll lose out financially in the long run — even if you do plan to sell your home, it's much better to have it repaired by a fire damage restoration service and then list it on the market.

2. Fire Damage Exposes Your Home to Further Degradation

When your home is damaged by a fire, it's important to start the process of restoration as soon as possible. If your roof, walls or windows were damaged by the fire, this leaves the interior of your home exposed to rain and insects. Rainwater entering into your home can cause water damage and mold growth.

Additionally, smoke damage needs to be addressed quickly as well. The ashes carried in smoke are highly acidic, and they'll cause wood, drywall and upholstery to rapidly deteriorate. The acidic ashes need to be removed quickly in order to prevent further damage.

If you decide to sell your fire-damaged home rather than having it restored, it may be on the market for a significant amount of time before an investor expresses interest. Without a fire damage restoration service removing the acidic ashes and protecting your home from the elements, it will continue to be damaged while it's on the market. The value of your property often continues to decline until it's eventually purchased for a substantially reduced price.

3. Restoration Services Can Salvage Your Home's Contents

Finally, the structure of your home isn't the only thing that can be damaged by a fire. The contents of your home, such as your furniture and your clothing, will be damaged as well. Fire damage restoration services can help you salvage as many of your belongings as possible by repairing the damage and removing the odor of smoke. If you have antique furniture or family heirlooms that can't be easily replaced, fire damage restoration companies can help you save them. You don't receive the same service when you simply sell your home on the market.

Overall, using a fire damage restoration service to repair your home makes financial sense compared to selling it to an investor. While a thorough restoration process can take a considerable amount of time, you'll almost always come out ahead financially — investors typically don't pay much for the homes they buy, especially if they have serious structural damage.

If your home has been damaged in a fire, contact a fire damage restoration company that works in your area for a consultation. You'll receive an estimate of how much the repairs will cost and how long they will take, allowing you to make a better informed decision of whether to sell or restore your home.

For more information on how restoration can improve your situation when your home is damaged by fire, reach out to a professional restoration company like Clean Care Inc.

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