How To Get Started With Cleaning Up Fire Damage And Inspecting Your Home To Begin Restorations

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Fire damage to your home will leave you with a big mess that needs to be done before repairs can be completed. During the process of cleaning up the mess and starting with repairs, you will also want to protect unaffected areas and do inspections to determine the amount of restoration work that will be needed. The following guide will help walk you through the steps of getting started cleaning up fire damage and beginning the restoration work:

Turning Off All the Utilities to Ensure Your Safety When You Begin Cleaning Fire Damage

The first step in cleaning up the fire damage and debris should be ensuring your safety. You want to make sure you have masks, gloves, boots, and personal safety gear before you get started. You also want to turn off all the utilities to ensure there are no hazards that could cause injury or further damage to your home while you are cleaning up the mess.

Protecting Your Home From the Spread of Ash, Soot, and Smoke Damage That Can Be Difficult to Clean

When you are cleaning up your home after a fire, you will want to prevent the spread of ash and soot to other areas. Therefore, it is a good idea to use construction plastics and drop cloths to protect unaffected areas from damage that can be caused by the spread of the debris and dust during the cleanup process.

Cleaning Out the Ash and Materials to Expose Fire Damage That Is Going to Need Repairs

To start cleaning up the fire damage, you will want to get your hands dirty, using a shovel and wheel barrel to remove all the ash and debris. Once you can see where the fire reached, start doing demolition to expose damaged structural framing, electrical wiring, and mechanical systems that are going to need repairs when the restoration is done.

Getting a Professional Home Inspection to Determine the Repairs That Are Going to Be Needed to Restore Your Home

Fire damage restoration is not a DIY project that you want to take on yourself like fixing a plumbing leak. There are serious hazards that can easily be overlooked, which is why you will want to have your home professionally inspected. You want to have the inspection done before the restoration work is started, as well as after the work has been completed.

These are some of the steps that you are going to go through when you start cleaning up fire damage. If your home has severe fire damage, contact a fire damage repair contractor for professional help with cleaning up and restoring your home.

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