Here's What To Expect When Hiring A Fire Damage Restoration Company

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Whether you're dealing with damage due to a kitchen fire or your whole home has succumbed to a blaze of fire, you need to hire a damage restoration company to help get your home back in to its original condition so you and your family can move back in. Here are a few things to expect when choosing a damage restoration company to work with:

Assessing the Damage

Once you have hired a fire damage restoration company, they'll send a team of experts and technicians to your home to assess the damage that has been done. They will inspect every inch of your home, even in areas that don't look like they have been affected by the fire. And they'll provide you with a complete report that specifies every bit of damage they uncovered during their assessment.

The assessment will give your service provider all of the information they need to create a customized restoration plan for your home. You'll have an opportunity to read the restoration plan before any work begins in case you want to make any changes.

Isolating Unsafe Areas

After the assessment is complete and a restoration plan is made, your service provider will isolate any areas in and around your home that are too unsafe for people to go near. They'll isolate the spaces using construction cones and warning tape so you know exactly what's off limits. Spaces may be deemed unsafe due to things like structural damage and smoke infiltration, so don't be surprised is you won't be allowed to enter most areas in your home until the restoration work has been completed.

Removing Soot, Water, and Odors

Before any structural damage can be repaired, the fire damage restoration company you hire will remove all of the soot and odors that the fire created inside your home. They'll also get rid of all the water that was dropped by the fire department to put the fire out and make sure that furniture, carpeting, and other materials get completely dried out. This process could take a few days to complete, but when done you should be left with a clean and odor free home that is ready to take on repairs.

Repairing All of the Damage

Your service provider should be able to fix your drywall, replace your counters and cabinets, restore your vanities and doorways, and even replace your flooring and roofing if necessary. If they don't have the manpower and tools necessary to complete a restoration job, they'll contract the work out to qualified contractors so you don't have to worry about finding someone to do it. Once all the repairs have been made, your family should be able to move back in to it.

For more information, contact fire damage restoration services near you.

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