The Unseen Damage After A Fire And What You Should Know About Cleaning Up Ash, Soot And Smoke Residues

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When your home has had a small fire, even though the fire may have been contained quickly, there is damage that is unseen. This damage includes the water used to put out the fire, ash from burning materials, and smoke. When cleaning up the damage, you want to make sure that the restoration includes taking care of the damage to ensure smells and hazards are gone. The following guide will help you with dealing with the unseen damage that needs restoration after you home has had a fire:

1. Dealing with The Watery Mess of Soot That Needs to Be Cleaned Up After A Fire

When your home has been damaged in a fire, the water that was used to put it out can cause a mess. Usually, there is a soggy mess of soot, water, and fire-retardants that needs to be cleaned up. This is the first problem that you will need to deal with by shoveling out the watery soot and exposing materials that have been damaged by the heat of the fire.

2. Containing the Ash and Soot in The Affected Areas of Your Home to Prevent Damage from Spreading

The next problem that you need to be aware of is the dust from ash and soot, which can easily be spread throughout your home. Therefore, you want to try to contain the mess to the area of your home that was affected by the fire. In addition, try to cover furniture and other materials that were not damaged to protect them from this debris when doing restoration work.

3. Demolition of Affected Areas to Expose Fire and Smoke Damage That Needs Restoration

The demolition of the affected areas after a fire is important. You want to remove materials like cabinetry, drywall, and woodwork to expose structural and smoke damage after a fire. This will allow you to see the repairs that need to be done, as well as do smoke damage restorations to ensure the smells of fire are gone when all the repairs have been completed.

4. Cleaning Up the Damage Due to Smoke and Residues to Get Rid of The Smell of Fire

The damage to your home after a fire is something that can be unseen with the smoke. Smoke damage is something that can cause unpleasant odors and needs to be cleaned up before you move back in. You will want to repeatedly clean the affected areas to ensure that the smell of smoke and fire is gone after the repairs to your home are completed.

These are some of the things that you need to know about restoring the unseen damage that needs to be dealt with after a fire. If you need help cleaning and restoring your home after a fire, contact a smoke damage restoration service to ensure all the signs and smells of fire are gone.

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