Water Damage: Begin The Restoration Process With These Tips

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If large amounts of sewer or rainwater flood into your home, you may try to save your belongings and valuables before you do anything else. However, water damage restoration requires you to follow specific steps to keep your home and belongings safe. Here are two things you can do to get the restoration process started.

Open Up and Air Out Your House

Opening up and airing out your house is a priority right now. Water from any source can contain pathogens, including flood water and sewer water. Some flooding water contains feces and other types of raw sewage that can create strong odors inside your home. 

Before you attempt to enter your home, take a few moments to assess it thoroughly. If dark, smelly water covers the floors in your home, stop and contact a water damage company for further assistance. The water may be contaminated and unsafe to wade or walk in. You also want to avoid wading in deep water because the water may hide snakes, electrical cords, and other dangers. 

If you can view the floors clearly or walk into your home without being covered with water, go ahead and enter it. Open up every entrance in your home, including the windows in the upper and lower floors. You want fresh air to circulate through each room in the home. The cool air may also help dry out your house. 

Next, inspect the situation carefully. If you spot blotches of mold on your walls, furniture, or appliances, call a water damage contractor immediately. You only have one or two days before mold completely takes over your home. 

Restore Your Home and Prevent Mold Growth

A water damage contractor will need to act fast if they wish to keep mold out of your home. The most important things a contractor may do are:

  • remove every wet or damaged item from your home
  • install drying fans throughout your home
  • check your home for rodents, insects, and other critters that may take advantage of the situation

A contracting company may also need to isolate different areas of your home during the cleanup. Rooms that contain sewage, mold, or another substance may require special or specific care to remove. Your home must be completely sanitized, dried, and secured before you can return to it. 

If you need information on how to begin the restoration process in your home, contact local water damage restoration services. 

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