Walk-In Freezer Maintenance And Organization Tips

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Routine maintenance could ward off damage to your restaurant's walk-in freezer and will provide you with a sanitary and organized area to store ingredients that need to be preserved. Since food waste will ultimately lower your profit level, setting up a freezer maintenance schedule and adding tasks to your kitchen staff's schedules are important steps for you to address.

Perform A Monthly Cleanup And Inspection

If your inventory fluctuates on occasion and some of the items that you order on a recurring basis haven't been sealed properly prior to being placed inside of the walk-in unit, a monthly cleanup session will aid in disposing of products that are damaged or that have expired. During the monthly cleaning, advise your kitchen staff that there will be a list of maintenance steps that must be conducted.

Using a disinfectant to wipe down the interior walls of the freezer and to mop the unit's flooring will remove dust or grime that could clog the condenser coils or block airflow. Each surface should be dried completely. Take on the task of visually inspecting the freezer's door seal, the condensation drip pan, and the thermostat.

Use a vacuum hose to remove loose particles that are wedged between the folds that are part of the seal's design. If the freezer door doesn't shut properly and you notice that there is a small tear in the seal, replacing the seal will be necessary. 

Rotate The Stock

Overfilling the freezer could contribute to premature wear and tear. Instead of taxing the freezer components and potentially being burdened with expensive repairs, come up with a dual-storage system, which will reduce the number of products that are kept inside of the walk-in freezer at any one time.

One idea that may be helpful is to gather up the ingredients that will be needed to prepare a week's worth of meals and to store these items inside of a stand-up freezer model or an ice chest. Reserve the space inside of the walk-in freezer for menu items that will be served at a later time.

If you or one of your employees ever notices that the temperature inside of the walk-in model doesn't appear to be as cold as what the thermostat is reflecting, hire a repair technician to aid in fixing the unit. Your unit may require freon or the thermostat may not be registering the temperature properly.

Contact a restaurant kitchen maintenance company for more information.

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