The Crawl Space House Foundation Inspection Guide To Identify And Repair Problems

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The foundation of your home could be the area where serious problems start. Sometimes, these problems in crawl spaces can go unnoticed. Therefore, you want to do regular inspections of your crawl space to have the damage repaired before it gets out of control. The following crawl space inspection guide will help you get house foundation repairs done before they get bad:

Cracking and Failing Waterproofing

Just like with basement foundations, the crawl space of your home needs to have waterproofing. Anywhere there is waterproofing below the soil level, your foundation is vulnerable to cracking due to static water pressure. Therefore, you will want to inspect the interior of foundation walls for signs of these problems, and if you notice cracks, call for help with the repairs that need to be done.

Problems With Settling Piers

The problem with piers is that they can settle over time and cause issues with structural damage. Therefore, if you notice that there is a problem with cracked drywall or doors shutting inside your home, you will want to inspect the crawl space for problems with settling repairs that need to be repaired. There may be other structural problems that require repairs or the installation of additional piers to support the structural loads.

Settling and Damage to your Home's Exterior

The exterior of your home can also be vulnerable to settling. The settling is something that can be repaired using pier jacking, to support and correct the settling. The problem with settling on the exterior can often be seen in cracked masonry or damage to other exterior finishes like siding. In addition to repairing the foundation problems, the exterior finishes will also need to be repaired.

Water Damage Due to High Water Tables and Heavy Rains

The crawl space is a type of foundation that can be vulnerable to high water tables. This can be a problem when there are heavy rains. Therefore, there may need to be water and structural problems that need to be solved when water gets in. If your foundation has a problem with higher water tables, you may want to improve the drainage and consider installing a sump pump to solve the problem.

If you have a problem with the foundation of your home, you are going to want to repair problems before they cause serious damage. Contact a house foundation repair service for help fixing these problems after you have inspected your crawl space.

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