Engine Troubles? How To Tell When Your Boat Needs Repairs

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If you own a boat, you can't afford to neglect the engine. After all, engine problems can leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere. Not only that but when you ignore engine troubles, you put your entire boat at risk. Luckily, your boat has a way to send warning signals when it's experiencing engine trouble. Take a look at the list of engine troubles provided below. If you're experiencing any of the issues described there, you need to get your boat in for repairs right away. 

The Engine Won't Turn Over

If the engine on your boat won't turn over, you could be looking at two minor problems. Before you schedule repairs, do some quick troubleshooting. First, check the fuel gauge. Next, check the battery. If those two issues aren't the cause of the problem, call for repairs right away. You could be looking at a disconnected kill switch or problems with the ignition. Both problems require professional repairs. 

The Engine's Vibrating

If the engine on your boat starts vibrating as soon as you hit the accelerator, call for repairs as soon as you can. This is especially important if the vibration becomes severe. Severe engine vibration usually involves the propeller. Propeller problems should never be ignored. Call for repairs before you take your boat out on the water again. 

The Engine's Running Hot

If your boat overheats, you need to take the situation seriously. Because boats use the surrounding water to control the operating temperature, they usually don't overheat. When they do, you know you have a problem. Before you take your boat in for repairs, check the pump. It could be clogged up with debris. Once you've cleared the pump, take your boat on a test-run. If it overheats again, take your boat in for repairs. 

The Engine's Sputtering

If your boat is losing power, or your engine has started sputtering, the first thing you should do is check the fuel gauge. You might have forgotten to fill up after your last excursion. If you've got plenty of fuel in the tank, you need to have your boat inspected as soon as possible. Problems like engine sputtering, and loss of power, should always be taken seriously. Sputtering and power loss can be caused by dirty filters or faulty spark plugs. But, those issues can also be caused by more serious problems, such as engine failure. A trip to the boat mechanic will identify the source of the problem.

To learn more about boat repair, contact a local business near you.

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