What To Do Before A Fire Damage Restoration Team Visits A Location

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Few problems leave people wanting to get things dealt with as much as looking at fire damage. It's important, however, to make sure you handle a few issues the right way before a fire damage restoration team comes to the site. Let's look at 5 big concerns everyone should address while preparing to fix fire damage.

Wait for Clearance from the Fire Marshal

If the fire was bad enough that the fire department was called to deal with it, you'll have to wait for clearance from the fire marshal. The same may apply even if the fire department wasn't called if you're filing an insurance claim.

Fiddling with anything at the location may create problems for an insurance or criminal investigation. Do not mess with anything at the site until you've been cleared to do so. Even hiring a fire damage restoration company is a bit of a stretch if you haven't been cleared to bring in contractors.

Contact the Insurance Company

If you intend to file a claim, it's best to get an insurance adjuster in the loop on what happened as soon as possible. The adjuster might have to visit the site before they can approve a claim, and yes, that may mean more waiting.

Stay Safe

Before you poke around a site you've been cleared to enter, take the time to get a few safety items. Grab safety goggles, thick gloves, and boots with steel plates in the soles. Purchase cheap clothes that you don't care about because smoke and charred materials will make a mess. If the air quality is still bad at the location, purchase a respirator with an appropriate level of filtration. Folks who don't know what to look for can go to hardware stores and ask the staff there for recommendations.

Get Pictures of Everything

Don't rely on investigators or adjusters to capture all of the images you'll need to file a claim. Take the time to safely walk around the location and get photos of the damage from several different angles. Makes notes about when you went to the property. Also, note and photograph anything you plan to remove from the site so this can be accounted for by the insurance company.

Air Things Out, if Possible

Especially if the fire was contained indoors, smoke may still be trapped. As long as opening the building up won't let weather, animals, or unauthorized people in, get some airflow going.

To learn more about the process of fire damage restoration, contact a specialist near you. 

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