What Repairs Can A Carpet Repair Company Actually Make?

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People often assume that if their carpet starts looking unkempt, the best solution is to remove it and replace it. Indeed, carpet does not last forever and will need to be replaced eventually. However, there are companies that offer carpet repairs, and they are able to repair a surprising number of common carpet issues. Here's a look at some of the repairs such companies are able to make.


If your carpet has started to look like it has wrinkles and bumps in it, that's because some areas have contracted while others hand stretched out. Carpet repair companies have a machine they can use to stretch the carpet back out evenly and eliminate these bumps. Basically, they will stretch the whole carpet until it is flat, trim off the ends, and tack the carpet back down.


You might think a carpet patch would be obvious, but with many types of carpet — especially those with longer pile — patches can be hidden quite well. A repair team may elect to patch your carpet if there is a distinct spot that is really worn or stained. They'll cut the damaged part out, and then carefully cut a patch to fit into the space perfectly. They'll then stitch the new piece back in and fluff the pile in a way that makes the patch less obvious. 


Is there a part of your carpet that has become discolored for some reason? Maybe it got bleached out by some UV light coming in through the window. Or maybe your child unknowingly used a cleaner with bleach, which took some of the color out. In cases like this, the carpet repair company may be able to dye the discolored part of the carpet to match the rest of the carpet. This works best when your carpet is relatively new and the color, other than the area to be dyed, is still pretty even.


In large areas, carpet installation teams often have to stitch together two pieces of carpet to fill the room. Over time, the seam between these two carpet pieces can start to come loose, allowing the carpet to lift up. Reseaming is a basic repair service during which your carpet repair team will stitch the two pieces of carpet back together.

Now that you know a little more about carpet repair, do not hesitate to give your carpet repair company a call for service.

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