Water Sensors That Prevent Hidden And Costly Water Damage To Homes

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It's every homeowner's worse nightmare. You have decided to sell your home. The appraiser arrives and, according to their estimation, your home is worth 20 percent less than you thought. Unfortunately, water damage has destroyed some of the structure. 

With modern water sensing technology, you could have prevented the damage. Water repair experts use the following ways to spot hidden water damage and save homeowners money on water damage restoration. 

Leak Sensors

Most homeowners are alerted to water damage by yellow or brown spots, blistering walls, and mold. But it's the unseen water damage from leaking pipes and roofs that can cause the most damage to your home.

If the water reaches the surface of walls and floors, leak sensors will detect its presence. But by then, interior damage has likely been caused. 

Flow Meter

Fortunately, sensors can also detect signs of water leaks not visible to the eyes. Various types of flow meters are used to measure the velocity of water — a measure of the flow rate of water. If the leak is significant, you may notice a change in water pressure when you turn on the tap. 

In a magnetic flow meter, for instance, water passes through a magnetic field. When water is detected an electronic signal is created. The voltage of the signal, proportional to the velocity of the water, tells you if your pressure has dropped, for example, by one liter or more. 

Ultrasonic Sensor

An ultrasonic sensor uses sound waves to detect the velocity of the water. 

These sensors measure the speed at which water flows upstream and downstream in the pipe. The difference is the velocity of the water. 

Water sensors have traditionally been used to provide early leak detection alerts in the pipes of municipal, agricultural irrigation, and various industrial applications. These instruments prevent millions of dollars in water damage each year. 

Homeowners can choose from a growing choice of water sensors designed to connect to a smartphone home system. Many of these devices provide useful warnings of water leaks and flooding at the surface level. Ask your water repair expert for recommendations for plumbing solutions inside your walls. 

Once installed, these smart sensors can provide you with early warning of water leaks before serious water damage is done. A smartphone app can alert you of abnormal water flow in your home plumbing system while commuting to work or sitting in a business meeting. You can call in the plumbers and water damage restoration experts before water damage decreases the value of your home.

For more information, contact a water damage service today.

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