Commercial Damage Restorations When Commercial Plumbing Causes Water Issues

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The plumbing in your business can fail and cause serious issues with damage. When there is damage, you are going to need help with repairs and restorations. Before you can clean up the water damage, you are going to need to solve the issues causing the water to get in. The following commercial damage restorations will help you deal with the serious water issues:

Clearing Out Sewer Lines That Cause Backflow

The sewer lines of your business may be the cause of your water damage problems. Therefore, you may need professional help cleaning up these issues. You can get the problems with the sewer backflow cleaned up with the help of a pumping service. You can talk to the commercial restoration service about getting the damaged area pumped. This will be the first step in the restoration process.

Cleaning Damaged Sump Pumps

Often, the problems with sewer backflow in commercial businesses are due to pump failures. This is because the drain systems often use sump pumps to remove wastewaters from buildings. The work that sump pump systems may need during commercial damage restorations include the following:

  • Cleaning blockage inside pumps causing the backup
  • Repairing damage inside the pump
  • Cleaning out the sump pump tank due to debris problems

These are some of the things that you will have to deal with when pump failures cause commercial water damage. You want to make sure the pump problems are repaired before you begin cleaning and restoration work.

Removing The Damaged Inventory That Needs To Be Audited

Inventory is something that often gets overlooked with commercial restorations. There are different types of stock, and it all needs to be accounted for. The following inventory auditing solutions will help you account for the property after water damage hits your business:

  • Set aside undamaged stock that you plan on restocking
  • Account for losses of materials that are restored and restocked
  • Get a report of inventory audits done during water damage restorations

It is important to audit the inventory when doing water damage repairs. There may be some inventory that can be cleaned and saved. You should calculate all the affected inventory to include in a report of losses due to the water damage.

Demolition Doing Commercial Restoration Work

The demolition that needs to be done with commercial restorations is different than residential work. You want to save materials like pallet racks and shelving that need to be cleaned but remove other materials. The following tips will help you with the commercial demolition:

  • Remove shelving and equipment that can be restored
  • Seal off the area where restorations are being done
  • Remove all the materials completely saturated with water
  • Clean durable materials like laminate tile, masonry, and other resistant finishes

When you are cleaning up the demolition work, you want to make sure materials like drywall and woodwork are completely removed. You can set aside equipment like shelving and furnishing that can be cleaned and reinstalled in your business.

When the plumbing in your business fails, you are going to need help getting the water damage cleaned up. Call a commercial damage restoration service for professional help cleaning up these problems.

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