The Four Steps Of The Water Damage Restoration Process

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When your home or business experiences water damage, the property will need to undergo a water damage restoration process. The water damage restoration process is a four-step process once you bring in a professional team, and understanding that process will help you work more closely with the professional team you bring in. 

#1: Inspection

First, you will need to bring in the water damage restoration team to inspect your property. They will need to check each room to see how extensive the water damage is and determine a strategy to fix the water damage.

They will also try to determine what caused the water damage if you are not sure where the water came from. For example, if a pipe bursts, you may need to bring in a plumber as well. Most water damage restoration teams will have professional contacts that they can set you up with to take care of anything outside of their realm of expertise.

#2: Drying Out

Next, the water damage restoration team will need to dry out all the water. They will need to get rid of not just the water but also all the moisture in the room.

That will require the use of various types of equipment, such as commercial-sized blowers, to dry the space out. It is important to remove the moisture as quickly as possible to prevent water damage from spreading and worsening.

#3: Remove Damaged Material

Not everything is going to be salvageable. Anything that cannot be salvaged is going to need to be removed. The restoration team will know what materials are not recoverable. Many types of porous materials, such as drywall and carpet, will need to be disposed of to ensure that mold doesn't develop in the water-damaged area.

#4: Repair

Once all the water and moisture were removed, and any damaged material is removed, the repair process will start. With the repair process, everything that is damaged will need to be replaced.

Some water damage companies take care of the repair process in-house, and others will find a general contractor to do the repairs for you. You will need to get everything repaired and inspected to ensure the space is structurally sound before using the area again.

When it comes to dealing with water damage, you will want to call in a water damage restoration team. They will inspect your property, dry everything out, remove any damaged material, and work on repairing the damage.

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