Maintain A Strong Foundation: Why You Need To Have Cracks Repaired Right Away

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If you've been postponing foundation repairs because you think small cracks don't present any issues, you need to rethink your decision. Even small cracks can cause serious problems for your foundation and for your home. Don't take chances with the foundation of your home. The information provided below provides you with reasons why you need to have your cracked foundation repaired immediately. 

Stop the Threat of Moisture Damage

If you have cracks running through the foundation of your home and some of those cracks have been discovered inside the main living space, you could be at risk for moisture damage. Any time there are cracks in the foundation, moisture can come up into the house. If those cracks are under carpeted areas or in areas that are already high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, the risk for damage is dramatically increased. Mold is one type of moisture damage that shouldn't be overlooked. Once mold gets into the carpet fibers or into the drywall, your repair and remediation costs will increase substantially. That's why you need to have those foundation cracks repaired as quickly as possible. 

Stop the Walls From Shifting

If the cracks in the foundation run throughout your home, you need to worry about shifting. This is especially true if the cracks run under any of the walls in your home. In order for the walls to remain stable, they need to be securely attached to the foundation. Cracks undermine the stability of the walls, which puts them at risk for shifting. If you can see or feel any cracks running under the walls of your home, you should have your foundation repaired immediately, especially if you can feel movement when you push on your interior walls. 

Stop the Basement From Collapsing

If you have a basement in your home, you need to be especially concerned about foundation cracks. You might not realize this, but cracks in the basement foundation can spread up through the walls. If that happens, your basement is at an increased risk for collapse. The best way to avoid collapse and to protect the stability of your basement is to have the foundation cracks repaired right away. 

Stop the Foundation From Crumbling

Finally, if you've discovered small cracks in the foundation of your home, you may think they'll stay that size. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Small cracks will continue to spread until they're deeper and wider, especially if they aren't repaired. As the cracks grow larger in size, they'll continue to crumble along the edges. That crumbling can put your entire foundation at risk. Before you're faced with major foundation damage, have the cracks repaired.

Reach out to a professional who provides cracked foundation repair to get started. 

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