5 Times Welding Fabrication Repair Is The Right Solution

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If you're looking at a piece of equipment that is predominantly made of metal and needs repairs, you may wonder if welding is the right solution. Here are five scenarios where welding fabrication repair might be the answer.

Anything Steel

Welding processes generally work best with steel materials. Fortunately, steel is one of the most widely-used metals on the planet.

Certain welding methods work better for different kinds of steel. For example, MIG welding is likely to work best with steel materials that are over one-inch thick. It's wise to ask the shop you're checking out for a project if they have the equipment and skills needed for the job.

Notably, other types of metals can be welded. Aluminum and copper are both popular for this purpose. However, they may require a lighter touch and a different technique than steel involves.

Replacement of Sections

There's an old joke in the industry that you can't weld air. It refers to the idea that there is a limit to the rustiness of a piece of metal before it ceases to be a candidate for welding.

In these cases, cutting or torching sections out is often the best choice. A heavy equipment welder might do this to fix the wheel well of a machine, for example. They would remove the rusty segments, stick the new parts in, and weld them into place.

Patches can also sometimes go over holes. This is usually not considered clean work in the business, but it may do the job if you're trying to eek a couple of months out of a system.


Retrofitting existing machines to bear greater loads can be a money-saver when the job is done well. Many people elect to weld reinforcing materials into machines. For example, it's common for racers to weld reinforced roll cages into cars. This is also sometimes done with construction equipment at sites where heavy objects can strike machines or people.


This is a technique you have to be careful with. Lap-welded joints may allow you to extend something, but stay aware of load issues. Someone might want to extend, for example, the forks on a machine to make it easier to grab items.


Tack welds are also frequently used to attach items. If you want to add a bin on the outside of a machine to collect waste, for example, this may be an ideal solution.

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